You’ve being gazing all day long pondering on something special this holiday season, something quite relaxing and cozy.

It’s this time of the season to take a break and share some piece of love we carve for with family and friends.
In this article we’ll be sharing what a lady should have to feel comfortable and warm before it runs out of stock this holiday special! Literally it’s a most get; stress free and be free.

Disclosure: We may earn a little commission from any qualifying purchase you made with no added cost from the products.

List of Ladies Essentials For Holiday Special

  1. Acupressure foot massage slippers
  2. Aromatherapy shower steam bomb
  3.  Light up electronic word clock
  4. Moon lamp night light
  5. Homesick mini scented candle
  6. The Holiday Special comfy blanket sweatshirt
  7. Exfoliating foot peel
  8. Led light up knitted ugly sweater hat
  9. Cozy winter slippers socks
  10. Memory foam fuzzy slippers
  11. Premium fleece blanket with sleeves

Acupressure Foot Massage Slippers

Acupressure massage slippers relieve foot pain and induce better sleep.These slippers target the nerve endings, as a result, you have better blood circulation and relaxed nerves. As we know how well it was quite challenging for us this year, it’s definitely a recommend!.


Aromatherapy shower steam bomb

Aromatherapy shower steam bomb release an enchanting fragrance that uplifts your spirit or banishes stress. So, just a drop of them on the shower floor lets your senses envelope in the therapeutic aroma of the shower bomb when you turn on the water. They can also help with sinus, congestion, and sore muscles, what more benefit can’t you rip out here. You definitely need this during the holiday.


Light up electronic word clock

The clock has a bunch of words mashed together, insanely amazing right?,the word clock is the only timepiece that selectively highlights a matrix of words to display the current time. These Words are illuminated in bright, white and easy-to-read LED light. This is something to gift yourself this special holiday.

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Holiday Special Moon Lamp night light

Is this safe? It’s the first thing I would ask; yes sure! whether you are looking for a light that brightens an entire room, or a relaxing nightlight, this moon lamp will be perfect for you also, Safe around children too. More, the moon lamp does not heat up and is 100% safe.


Homesick mini scented candle

Homesick candles smells like a different state altogether, so you’ll never feel homesick no matter where you live. Phrase ‘a scented home is a comfortable home’.


The Holiday Special Comfy blanket sweatshirt

You’re always on a steal to rock your boyfriends hoodie because you’re yet to own one lol, I know sometimes we get stingy with our money or got plans for them but let’s try to have a little bit of ours this period. Girl also make sure to fluant it on he’s face too!


Exfoliating foot peel

Have cold winter left your feet in poor shape? you may want to consider an exfoliating foot peel. It uses a variety of natural acids to slough off the dead, dry skin so your foot look and feel as soft and smooth. How often can I use? foot peels can be used whenever you notice the build up of dead skin cells on your feet.


Led light up knitted ugly sweater hat

During this Holiday Special, the LED flashing hat can make your presence more conspicuous,whether it is Halloween, club,dance,birthday party,bar activities,night cycling or other parties,best gift for your parents, friends, and yourself in Christmas Ever!


Cozy winter slippers socks

This pair of warm, cozy, fluffy slipper socks is ideal for women to wear on wintry nights. Stay warm with a pair of dreamy house slipper socks on chilly winter mornings too. Where can I buy winter slipper socks? stop searching honey it’s in store. Remember we aim at giving easy online shopping with trusted brands to ease every lady at there.


Memory foam fuzzy slippers

Keep your feet cozy at home  with this memory foam slippers at day as you may wish, can I wash my memory foam fuzzy slippers? as attractive as it may look, you ought to keep it clean by washing with standard washing machine and drying. This way it makes you feel good and keep it alive this Holiday Special.


Premium fleece blanket with sleeves

Fleece is made from synthetic materials but has many of the same qualities as wool. It helps wick moisture away from your body and provides warmth on a cold night, but it is more lightweight than wool. Fleece blankets can be washed and dried at home for convenient cleaning, great specials for winter.


Summary on Holiday Special for Ladies

The first thing you shouldn’t do as a lady this Holiday Special is to keep forgetting to pamper yourselves when you know you need to chill out after the stress we’ve been through for 11 months so, EveryDay Stunner specially sorted out what you should have at home so as to relax with family and loved ones and could also gift one of the listed above to family and friends if you had no idea on what to ghost for Santa too. Merry Christmas in advance Stunners and Happy New Year as we rap up the year with Joy!.