Have you ever wondered What to Wear Today? If so, you are not alone. This article will help you figure out what to wear for today’s weather, a 80s party, or work. The key to making your outfits look perfect is to plan ahead and know what you’re going to wear for different situations.

Luckily, there are some great apps available today that will make getting dressed easy. Read on to discover some of the best ones and also how to do it all by yourself.

What to Wear for Today’s Weather?

If you’re stuck on what to wear for today’s weather, consider downloading the free Weather Fit app to help you figure out what to wear. This app allows you to dress according to the weather, and its character will even wear sunglasses when it’s sunny. If it’s rainy, however, you’ll need to wear an umbrella. The app will also help you to prepare for a rainy day.

The best outfit for 60-degree weather.

  • A cotton t-shirt,
  • A lightweight sweater, and oxford shirt.
  • A light bomber jacket is another good choice.
  • Waterproof fabrics are also recommended, since they will keep you warm without leaving you sweaty.
  • You can also wear a variety of shoes, whether you prefer flats or high-heeled sneakers.
  • If the weather is not as warm as you’d like, you can wear a vest to help raise your body temperature.

What to Wear to 80’s Party?

What to wear to an 80’s party these days is a tricky question. Fashion in the 1980s was influenced by technology, including the use of neon colors and tube socks.

80’s Party Outfits

People of the 80s wore a variety of styles and they include;

  • Neon leggings with tube socks
  • Colorful hairstyles.
  • They also often wore sunglasses indoors and a retro style of sneakers or tennis shoes.

Women’s fashions were inspired by the 80s, and they could be anything from solid color pants to patterned suits. The 80s looked great on both sexes, and men could look equally retro wearing a fitted biker jacket. Men’s fashion was also influenced by the 80s, and many brands jumped on the bandwagon and created limited editions and collar pieces.

What to Wear Today to Work?

While a tucked-in white shirt is the traditional office dress code, the climate in your workplace might change daily. If you work at a tech startup, you can wear a lighter-colored polo shirt with a navy button-down, but if you are at a traditional corporate office, it might be better to stay professional and wear a sleeveless polo.

Today’s Work Outfits

  • A three-piece suit
  • A simple sweater-vest
  • Wearing an oversized button-down shirt over your jeans
  • Wear a printed miniskirt
  • Wear a t-shirt over a pair of jeans

A three-piece suit is another good option, especially if you’re working from home. These suits can be paired with or without a blazer, depending on the season. They are an excellent office staple. A simple sweater-vest can be worn over a button-down shirt. Wearing an oversized button-down shirt over your jeans is an option too. Alternatively, you can choose to wear a printed miniskirt instead of a dressy shirt.

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Pictorial List of Outfits for Today’s Work

1. Casual sweat shirt

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2. Fashionable amazing Jacket over a Denim

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3. Amazing Outfits


4. Multi-Check Jacquard Dress

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5. Jeans with Sneakers


6. White Over sized shirts on Jeans


7. Classic Denim Jacket with a white button-up Shirt.

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8. Green Pants

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9. Wear a white turtle neck top


10. Blazzer Over Stripped Shirt

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11. Lemon Green Colored Gown


12. Olive Stripe Print Half Sleeve Belted Dress


Whether you’re working from home or at an office, knowing what to wear for work can be a real struggle. A high-powered job requires you to look professional and well-dressed. However, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed to wear a t-shirt or even a pair of jeans. Whether you want to look professional or conservative, it is important that you know how to dress for work.

Finding what to wear each day could be very difficult especially if you have a lorry load of clothes in your wardrobe, but the good thing is that you will not have any need to break your head on what to wear, simply follow all our guides above and you will be able to map out clothes that you will rock an be an everyday stunner.