If just the thought of swapping out your go-to antiperspirant for an all-natural version makes you perspire, take a breath. Antiperspirants, which are classified as over-the-counter drugs, inhibit a normal bodily function — in other words, the formation of sweat — using their active ingredient, aluminum salts, says David Bank, an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at New York Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center. On the other hand, natural deodorants are typically made without aluminum. They’re designed to keep you smelling fresh for hours with bacteria-sopping ingredients, including familiar favorites like baking soda.

So, yes, you may still sweat a bit after swiping on your favorite aluminum-free formula (because, again, deodorant doesn’t equal antiperspirant), but no, you shouldn’t smell sour after going green.

List of Cool Natural Deodorants!

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