Stretch marks are normal and common for every shape, size, and gender. Yet people, particularly women, are still taught that stretch mark are flaws or marks of failure and encouraged to cover them up. But there’s another approach to the lines that is on the rise: celebrating them.

What are these Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are simply lines on skin that develop when skin stretches, either because of a growth spurt, weight gain, or pregnancy and elastic fibers under the skin weaken or break. Pretty much anything that pulls on the skin can create them and people of all sizes get them. The lengths, widths, colors, and patterns stretch marks can take are as varied as bodies themselves.

Get inspired with your Stretch Marks!

Most ladies feel demoralized due to the marks on their bodies, they feel the guys won’t gush over them, this post is actually meant to inspire you, if these top models are proud of their stretch marks then you definitely have no reason to feel bad about yours.

But stretch marks can also be a source of pride as more and more people are realizing. As the fashion industry has started to embrace a more inclusive vision of beauty, it’s finally possible to see models with a stretch mark in ad campaigns.

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Treatment of Stretch Mark?

Women have been sold countless treatments to reduce the appearance of their marks, and it’s an individual choice whether to do so or not. Laser treatments, moisturizers, and topical treatments that stimulate collagen production may all minimize their appearance.

You can try out these simple methods at home.

Rubbing a sugar scrub on the skin will exfoliate the area. To do this:

  1. Mix one cup sugar with 1/4 cup of a softening agent, like almond oil or coconut oil, before mixing to the consistency of wet beach sand.
  2. Add some lemon juice.
  3. Scrub the mixture on the part of your body where the stretch mark are.
  4. Repeat several times a week while in the shower, making sure to rub the mixture on for 8-10 minutes.


Stretch Marks isn’t a flaw on your body cupcakes, i have seen most ladies get seriously depressed, sit at home all day, eat junk and get chubby then over weight sets in! that is how they destroyed their-selves, simply because they felt they couldn’t face anyone outside with their stretch mark.

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You only has the will power to making yourself happy, they way you pride in your body definitely tell how others will rate you. Learn to appreciate yourself no matter how you are, in this you will really be happy in life.

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