It is reasonable to suspect if there’s more to Shakira‘s hit “La Tortura” than meets the eye.

The Grammy winner is serving everything and more as Cosmopolitan‘s November cover star. In her interview with the outlet, the singer-songwriter confessed that it gets a little tricky trying to shut off the “producer” when she’s home being a mom.

“That’s when having a partner who’s completely opposite in that sense comes in handy,” Shakira said about soccer star Gerard Piqué, her life partner and dad to her two kids. “My mind never stops. I dream about my kids. I worry about them constantly. I torture my poor husband. Well, he’s not really my…I don’t know what to call him!”

“He’s my baby daddy,” she continued, adding jokingly, “I torture him about every issue I see with my kids.”

Shakira and Gerard made their romance Instagram official over 10 years ago, at the end of March 2011. The couple welcomed their first son, Milan, in January 2013, and their second son, Sasha, two years later, in January 2015.

And although Shakira jokes that she “tortures” her other half, she says that Gerard disagrees.

“He’s got his feet on the ground and is very practical about problem-solving,” she told POPSUGAR in a 2016 interview. “When I get stressed about how to organize things or juggle it all, he helps put it all in perspective. And he is my biggest support. We’re both very hands-on parents, so it never feels like one is carrying the entire load on their own. He probably lets them have a little more chocolate than I’d like, though.”

And if you’re wondering just how parenting has changed the global performer, Shakira describes it as an entirely “new dimension.”

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“It’s shifted the axis of my universe,” she shared with the outlet. “Everything is centered around them now. It’s a new dimension of love, at least for me, that’s indescribable. It’s also helped me be more disciplined overall about sticking to a schedule now, because you’re forced to prioritize. Before I was my own boss, but I have two tiny bosses to answer to now.”