Palm Reading Life Line: The Hand Line is Palm Reading for the 21st Century! Palm Reading has been around since the ancient times when the ancients devised methods of charting, and chart patterns for all aspects of life. Life Lineage Palm Reading is Palm Reading’s offspring; giving you the most complete hand reading experience possible.

The process begins with your first name, by adding your middle initial to that, you connect to your personal philosophic hand, as represented by your basic hand map. By adding your middle initial to this fundamental hand map, you immediately begin the process of connecting to the universal source.

The process of connecting the basic and universal is referred to as “interiorizing” your philosophic hand, and allows you to quickly move into your higher hand map, called your elementary hand map.

Palm Reading Life Line does not end with the connection to your personal life map, but continues with you moving from the elementary map, through the layers of your higher map, to your philosophic center, represented by your Palm Reading Life Line.

How to Read your Palm

When you look at your Palm Reading Life Line, you will notice two vertical lines, representing the left and right major lines. These two major lines run vertically down your forefinger, horizontally across the top of your thumb, and down your ring finger. The lines represent the left and right parts of your life path.

The two lines run parallel to your major and minor horizontal axes of earth, air, and water, representing the two forces which influence the world we live in. The horizontal lines also represent time, as they represent the daily and yearly forces that affect our lives.

Palm Reading Life Line is easy to understand, and it is important to note that the headline is different from the rest of your hand lines. The headline is simply the top of your palm – or as some teachers like to say, “top-most.”

This represents your thought process, and the source of your inspiration. The other two lines, running along your forefinger and ring finger, represent your feelings. They represent your emotions, and the things that motivate you.

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In Palm Reading Life Line, the left hand represents your instinctive responses, and the right hand is more objective, reflecting your observations. To clarify a point, the Palm reading teaches that when you place your right hand over your left thumb, it indicates that you are looking inside yourself.

For instance, if you place your left hand over your right index finger, it means that you are observing your emotions. If you place your left hand on your right forefinger, it means that you are observing your thoughts.

Palm Reading Life Line and all About Palmistry

Palmists who practice Palm Reading Life Line recognize that these methods can be used for all levels of Palm Reading. Palmists do not refer only to Palmists, but also to people who use other methods such as horoscopes and astrology. Palmists believe that our life is interlinked.

When one area of our life suffers, the other areas of our life suffer as well. Therefore, through Palm Reading Life Line, we can find the causes and the effects of problems in all aspects of our lives. And if we take time to think about Palmistry, we can start to discover what really makes us strong as a person and as a people.

Palmists believe in the holistic approach. Using the method of Palm Reading, you don’t have to go only to one specific aspect of your life. Through Palmistry, you can examine your entire being. Through the use of the square hand and the flat fingers of both hands, you can examine the interaction of the energetic centers or energy fields.


The presence of a center or a spot where energetic energy flows is called your mount. A Palmist believes that there exists a particular energy flow that goes from your mount to every part of your body. If you want to know something about yourself, you can use the Palm reading lines to discover the exact place where that energy flow is located.

For example, if your mount is situated near the head, you can examine the direction that your head points and then find out if you have any tendency toward being aggressive or violent.