This game is so on!

On Wednesday, Oct. 13, Paramount+ confirmed an epic lineup of legendary vets who will make their return for season two of The Challenge: All Stars. The 10-episode season, airing exclusively on Paramount+, promises to feature unforgettable challenges, shocking eliminations and plenty of drama.

For those wondering, everyone’s favorite host, T.J. Lavin, is back to welcome the 24 familiar faces from the hit franchise, including some who haven’t competed in more than 20 years.

So, who’ll be competing for the $500,000 cash prize? Veterans and fan favorites Brad FiorenzaKatie DoyleDerrick Kosinski and Melinda Collins will join relative newbies Steve Meinke, Leah Gillingwater, Teck Holmes and Kendal Darnell, who have competed in only one show.

If the teaser is any indication, expect plenty of determination, grit and even a few screams. It is The Challenge after all. And yes, reality TV veteran Mark Long is one of the executive producers.

For a complete list of who is returning for The ChallengeAll Stars, keep scrolling to see if your favorite made the cut.

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