Matthew Morrison defended himself in an Instagram video posted on Thursday following his dismissal. was dismissed last week as judge on the Fox TV show So You Think You Can Dance, due to allegations that he had inappropriate relationships with contestant who was female.

In the clip in which the entertainer was 43, he appeared to be said he had nothing to hide’ read the text message he had sent an contestant.

“It’s really sad that I need to fight for myself, my children and myself members from false and untrue claims made in anonymity however, I do not have anything to conceal in the matter,’ Morrison said. In the interest of being transparent I’ll reveal to you the single message I wrote to a dancer from the program “Hey it’s Matthew, if you don’t mind, would love to get your number and talk about some things.” The conclusion.’

Matthew Morrison, 43, was defending himself on an Instagram video on Thursday after his dismissal in the last week from his position as a judge on Fox TV show So You Think You Can Dance due to claims that he was involved in unprofessional relationships with contestant who was female.

Morrison stated that he texted the message in an attempt to help a colleague from the same company to be hired for Fox. Fox show.

“I wrote this to you because this dancer and me have an admiration for a choreographer whom I’ve been with for more than 20 years, and I wanted to help her find the opportunity to work as choreographer for that show’ explained.

Morrison called for a “world in which gossip reigns supreme,’ saying it’s ruining our society, and we have to change the way we live.

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“I do not would like to see this taken away from the competition because dancing has always been a uniting and healing method and I truly would like to wish all contestants and my colleagues as judges good luck,’ he added.

Morrison said he sent the text message in an effort to try and help get a mutual colleague hired by the Fox show

Morrison stated that his text read “Hi it’s Matthew If you’re willing, I’d be happy to have your number and chat about a few things’

Morrison stated in the video “It’s really sad that I must protect myself as well as my entire family members against false and untrue claims made anonymously however, I’ve got nothing to cover up’

The contestant spoke to producers about the entertainer’s 43 year old age after he “reach out” to her via flirty messages on social media’, an insider said to The People Tuesday, noting that the pair had no sex’, and had never met on set.’

The source informed the outlet that the contestant was ‘uncomfortable’ with his remarks and complained to producers who brought Fox in on the act.’

Morrison was fired after they conducted their own investigation The source claimed the source added, adding that it was just a matter of messages that were in violation of the law.’

Morrison condemned a ‘world where gossip rules,’ saying it is destroying our society and we need to do better’

The entertainer said he didn’t ‘want this to take away from the show because dance has always been a unifying and healing modality’ for people

Morrison stated that he truly wished all contestants and colleagues as judges the best’ on the show.

Morrison along with his seven-year-old wife, Renee Puente, 37 are the parents of two children: his son Revel James Makai, who is four and daughter 11-month-old Phoenix Monroe.

Morrison announced his resignation from the judging position this week. He said in an announcement to the publication “After filming the auditions for the show and finishing the selection process of 12 finalist, I failed to adhere to the production guidelines for competitions and was not qualified to judge the competition accurately.

“Having the privilege of being Judge for So You Think You Can Dance was an amazing honour for me. So, it’s my deepest regret to announce that I am going off this show.’

Morrison was fired last week as a judge on the Fox TV show So You Think You Can Dance ‘after he had an inappropriate relationship with a female contestant.’ He was pictured in NYC last year

Puente took to Instagram last week with a post titled ‘GRATITUDE JOURNAL’ accompanied by a shot with Morrison and their son, in which she said she was dealing with a difficult time

The family seemed to be having fun on the Disneyland excursion earlier in the month.

The Glee actor said”I cannot express enough my gratitude for everyone involved. I’ll be watching with you all throughout what I’m sure could be the most memorable seasons to date.’

Puente made her debut on Instagram last week and posted an Instagram post entitled ‘GRATITUDE Journal and a picture together with Morrison as well as their infant son in which she revealed that she was going through the stress of.

“I am beyond thrilled and thankful that I have a outlet that I can use,’ she said. It’s nice to have tools that I can use when I’m feeling overwhelmed and feeling like I’m sinking into the depths in the water.’