New customers online! A brand new group of social media mavens is logging on for season 4 of The Circle — and issues are wanting spicy this time around.

“We’re back, baby!” host Michelle Buteau says in a trailer for the upcoming season, which was launched by Netflix on Wednesday, April 27. (*4*) This time around, the prize cash has been elevated to $150,000 and the clip teases troubles, a serious “data breach” and a twist that appears to be centered around the Spice Girls. Hopefully, the contestants haven’t forgotten the phrase “Wannabe.”

In anticipation of this season’s stunning new developments, everyone seems to be extra decided than ever to do no matter what it takes to be the hottest. “All the players are going to fall into my trap, and win me that money,” Parker says at one level, whereas Frank teases that he has “two eyes in the back of my head. And I’m watching you bitches.”

Yu Ling can be on her toes, questioning close to the finish of the trailer if the new additions are “secret celebrities.” In season 2, Chloe Veitch joined The Circle after rising to actual fame on Too Hot to Handle and Lisa Delcampo catfished the group as her boss, Lance Bass.

“We’re huge reality game lovers. So, we had a real conversation before she went to the house on how to play the game and what alliances to make and what you can and cannot say, that’s gonna make people like you,” the former ‘NSync member informed Us Weekly completely in April 2021 about his assistant’s resolution to play him on the present. “We had a whole plan set. She did the exact opposite of what I told her!”

While Delcampo posed like a star to realize effect amongst the group, Veitch confessed that she never even considered hiding her real identity on The Circle. “I mean, to be honest, it was always going to be a gamble,” the influencer completely informed Us forward of the season 2 premiere in April 2021. “I wouldn’t have gone on The Circle as anyone else but myself because I know that is my strength — being who I am, the personality I have.”

She continued: “I said to myself, ‘I know that they will pick up on the vibe through the texts. I know that people will believe it’s me.’ Whether they trust me or believe it’s me straight away, I don’t know, but that was a chance I was prepared to take because I am such a strong character! … I just thought, even though they can’t see me or hear me, hopefully, they feel my vibration.”

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The first 9 opponents coming into The Circle this time round aren’t posing as any massive names — however, not all of them are being sincere about their actual id. Keep scrolling to fulfill all of them:

Season 4 of The Circle premieres on Netflix on May 4.