This information was revealed by Bet9ja company in a statement in which it identified the perpetrators of the hack as the Russian Blackcat group.

This group of hackers are famous for several attacks on huge companies in the world.

Who Hacked Bet9ja?

The bet gaming site that got hacked by the Russian Blackcat group said that the group has already demanded ransom but it insists it will not accept the conditions of the hacker group.

Bet9ja Hack Official Statement

 “The entire Bet9ja system has been under attack by the Russian Blackcat group who are famous for several attacks to huge companies in the world. It is a huge hacker attack by this Russian group but our people are working from yesterday without stopping for a minute to restore all the services but it is not easy.

“They are asking for ransom already but we will never accept their conditions. it is important to let you know this so that we are all on the same page. They have hit us hard but of course they cannot kill us. We will stand our ground and come back even much more stronger.

“Please do not be discouraged, we will surely restore things as soon as possible and provide update on the progress.”

Bet9ja acknowledged in an earlier social media post that user funds and winnings are safe as it is working to resolve the issue.

How Bet9ja Got Hacked

  • According to reports, the Russia-linked cybercrime gang, BlackCat, was behind the ransomware attacks that took down a swath of and hindered payments at some German filling stations in January.
  • It was reported that hackers using a strain of ransomware known as “Black Cat” infected computers at Mabanaft GmbH and Oiltanking GmbH Group.
  • BlackCat (also known as ALPHV) is a relatively new ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) operation, which has been aggressively recruiting affiliates from other ransomware groups and targeting organizations worldwide.

Popular betting website is gone for a while and they company management has assured it’s users that they will retrieve it from the hands of the hackers.