The daytime talk show host and singer had a hilarious but deeply relatable moment of shame on her show Tuesday during a game with the Oscar-winning actress. As part of the game, Hathaway and Clarkson were charged with being the first to sing the correct song after hearing a few bars of the music. Clarkson begged the band to play something she knew, and the band obliged — except Hathaway beat Clarkson to the correct answer, belting the chorus to “Since U Been Gone” before the singer. Realizing she’d been bested on her own song, Clarkson fell to her knees before face planting on her mini stage. We’ve all been there, Kelly. “How did you know it from just that?!” Clarkson screamed to Hathaway. The actress was, however, gracious about her win, telling Clarkson that “we all love that song.”

“Everybody here knew it,” she said. But Clarkson owned up to it. “This is embarrassing.” You had your chance, you blew it, Kelly. But don’t worry; we’re sure everyone is “so moving on.”