Orlando Bloom might be awakened after watching Katy Perry‘s most recent TikTok.

The American Idol judge took the opportunity to play an innocent game called MASH on Aug. 4. This game aims to predict your life in the future.

Users can discover their house, car and number of children by playing the game. It’s not a problem. Katy discovered that a castle, Tesla, and six children are all in her future. Her lover is Saturday Night Live alum Pete Davidson.

“No offense @Kim Kardashian and Orlando?” She wrote TikTok while Cyn played “House with a View” in the background.

Katy and Orlando seem stronger than ever as they have a 23-month old daughter Daisy Dove. The “Dark House” singer actually reacted to her boyfriend’s carousel of shirtless workout videos, July 31.

She asked, “Babe, where did you put that cortisone cream?” “I have heat rash.”

Kim Kardashian is working long distance with Pete to continue their growing relationship. A source shared some insight earlier this week about how Pete and Kim are making it work while filming a movie in Australia.

E! reported that “when they are apart they are always in constant communication.” News.

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Also, it’s no surprise that Pete makes Kim laugh every day with his sense humor. According to the insider, “He really makes her day when they speak.” “She still loves him and it works for her,” the insider said.

These California Gurls have a sense of humor and love that makes them smile.