Siwa shared her new short ‘do on TikTok and Instagram this week — it’s still blonde but with closely cropped sides and a curly pompadour in front. Beaming over her fresh look, she captioned an image and video of her haircut with “HAPPPPPPY.” “It’s way different than long hair; it’s crazy,” she said in an Instagram story, before breaking into an excited smile. “But I’m obsessed!” The short hair is a departure for Siwa, who for years rocked a high ponytail and giant, bedazzled bows that became so synonymous with her that she sold themed hair bows for children. (Though in an Instagram story, shared Thursday, she revealed she can pull a tiny lock of hair into a very small ponytail.) Her haircut is the latest in Siwa’s evolution from “Dance Moms” regular to a worldwide superstar. Siwa came out as queer in early 2021, an unprecedented move from a children’s entertainer that was largely celebrated. In January, one year after coming out, she said that although she faced backlash for coming out to her fanbase — which, at the time, was largely composed of elementary school-aged children — she felt like she “was put on this earth to be a role model for kids” and wants her young fans to love “everyone for who they are no matter what.” She also appeared on “Dancing with the Stars” last year, placing second and making history as half of the first two-women team to compete in the reality series. Siwa also recently completed her first nationwide tour (with previous international dates before the pandemic), during which she, naturally, wore a high ponytail and rainbow sequined bow. M Faizan Riasat April 9, 2022