For light or scarce brows, “it’s best to start with a brow wax so that any color you put on after sticks,” says Stewart. With a spoolie brush, apply a light coating of the wax, and brush hairs upward and outward. Then, with an angled brush, apply your desired shade in light strokes.

Step 3: Put on your eyeshadow.

The trick to getting eyes like Harley Quinn’s isn’t in how you smudge your shadow—it’s about the pigment you use. While regular shadows are great and can sometimes offer intense color payoff, it’s best to opt for a cream here.

You can literally smudge it on with your fingers if you’d like, but laying it on with a medium-size eye shadow brush will do just fine.

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To get that splattered effect, take whatever color is left on your brush from the initial application and drag it outward and downward. Oh, and don’t forget to use two different brushes for your red and blue. Mixing them will make both colors muddy—not the look you’re aiming for here.

When you’re done creating your shape, layer matching eyeshadow over your base to set the look. You might also find it easier to blend any harsh smudges out with your powder shadows.

Step 4: Now Add dimension to your eyes.

To add some dimension to your eyes, line them with a thin coat of black eyeliner and smoke out the edges to create a sultry effect.

Then pick up a tiny amount of black shadow and wiggle a blending brush in the outer corners. To top it off, add white pencil to your waterline for a doll-like effect.

Step 5: Make Layer on glitter.

Now for the messy but most fun part: glitter! Once you have your blue and red pigments handy, first and foremost, wet a flat shadow brush. You’ll want to do this each time before dipping it into the glitter so there’s minimal fallout.

When applying your glitter, take your time and keep wetting your brush. Pat it on gently and follow the shape you already made with your eye shadow—no need to get creative here.

Pro tip: If any flecks fall out of place, clean them up by using Scotch tape.

When you’re satisfied with the level of sparkle you’ve achieved, apply mascara and (optional) add lashes.

Step 6: Rub a red lipstick and draw on tattoos.

Almost done! When choosing your red lipstick, opt for a creamy, cherry red that will move around easily. Apply it like normal, then take your finger or a small shadow brush to sweep the color on the lower bottom lip downward. Then blot. Apply another layer of red on top for shine as desired.

Now for the tattoos. Because of its intensity and easy-to-use applicator, a black felt-tipped eyeliner works best when drawing on shapes and words. Draw the outline of a heart underneath your eye, right on the apple of your cheek. Don’t worry if you mess up—just make sure to have a cotton swab and concealer handy to clean up wonky edges.

For the “Rotten” tattoo, we advise having a friend write it on, simply because doing it on yourself in a mirror means it’ll show up backward. (Remember Karen’s rhinestone “K” in Mean Girls? Yeah, that’s what happens when you try to write stuff in a mirror.)

Step 7: Put a Spray on hair color.

Last but not least: Those classic Harley Quinn pigtails. If you don’t have blond hair, there are tons of Harley Quinn wigs out there you can use. But if you’ve got blond hair already, it’s a cinch to DIY. And there are a few different ways to get the look.

First thing’s first: Put your hair up in pigtails. (Curl them first, if you want them to be extra bouncy.) Then you can either opt for hair color chalk or hair color spray. Warning: All will be messy, but if you spritz hairspray on top, your color should be set for a few hours. Also, it might be a good idea to wear rubber or plastic disposable gloves when applying it.

For hair chalk, rub your strands through it until the color is dark enough for you. You might have to do a few rounds before real pigmentation starts to show. As for the hairspray, definitely do this in your bathroom—standing in the shower is optimal. In order not to get hair paint everywhere, have a piece of white paper nearby to tuck behind your head when spritzing.

Summary on Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial

As you can see it turned out fine!, that is to prove to you that Harley Quinn Makeup is very easy to do, all you need is dedication an time voila it is done.