If you’ve been wanting to learn how to cut jeans into shorts, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will teach you how to trim the excess fabric from your jeans to create a pair of knee-length shorts. In addition, you’ll learn how to make a frayed or fringed effect by washing your jeans. Once you’ve mastered these steps, you’re ready to take the next step.

Trim Excess Fabric to Create Knee-Length Shorts

You can use excess denim to make knee-length shorts by simply trimming off the legs.

Once you have trimmed off the legs, lay them flat. Mark the location of where you want the shorts to end at. Then, fold the shorts over, and cut slits about half-an-inch apart.

Fold the Shorts

Fold the shorts and you should have a pair of shorts that is the right length. If you are doing this by hand, you will need a sharp object such as a pencil.

Begin by cutting the pieces of fabric required for shorts.

You’ll need two pieces equal in length to the length of your shorts plus four inches. Then, fold each piece in half, lining them up so that the front and back pieces match. Cut a fabric strip equal in length to the top edge of the two pieces.

Use the fabric to make the front strap of your shorts. Make sure to interface the fabric for the strap.

Create a Classic Fringe

A classic fringe is an extremely easy way to add a unique look to shorts made from your favorite pair of jeans.

Cut the classic Fringe

Cut them into half-inch-wide strips and use a cheese grater to pull the fabric apart. This will give them a worn-in appearance.

Add Holes

To add holes, make horizontal cuts half an inch apart. Use tweezers to remove the strings that remain between the cuts. This will expose the white threads underneath the denim-colored string.

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Next, use pinking shears or scissors to cut holes in the hems of the shorts. This will help open up the material so that the fringe will fall out. You can also use the bottom of the hem to create a frayed hem. After cutting the hems, you can use tweezers to remove the threads. Once you have completed the fraying process, wash, and dry the shorts thoroughly.

Create a Frayed or Distressed Effect

There are several ways to create a distressed or frayed effect when cutting jeans into shorts.

Step 1

First, make sure the jeans are made of the same fabric. To create an evenly frayed look, use a straight stitch or zigzag stitch on the shorts. Do not use white thread. Then, wash and dry the shorts until they achieve the desired frayed look.

Step 2

Once you’ve cut the shorts, mark where you want to create a frayed or distressed effect. For a real-frayedfrayed look, use a seam ripper. A ripper gives you a ragged look that adds authenticity to the hole. You can also use sandpaper to add a softer, smoother surface to the shorts. Observe the result carefully and stop when you reach the desired look.

Wash the Jeans

To prevent excessive fading of your jeans, you should soak them in white vinegar for at least 60 minutes. The vinegar prevents color loss and will also keep your denim clean. White vinegar contains a mild acid that neutralizes bacteria and removes odors. While it’s a good idea to hang your jeans up to dry, you should not do it in direct sunlight. Exposure to the sun may cause the color to fade considerably.

After washing, be careful not to wring out the jeans too much. Try placing them on a clothes airer, preferably a covered balcony or in a bathtub. Do not use bleach or any other chemicals, as this can damage the denim. Also, be careful with other clothing, especially if you wash distressed jeans. Also, make sure you avoid wringing the jeans if they have zippers or hooks, which might cause them to break.

I know you must have learnt and practiced how to cut your Jeans into Shorts just Remember that frayed shorts will fray over time, so you should work slowly and carefully to prevent the shorts from falling apart, enjoy rocking your new pair of jean shorts.