Still on good terms. After Maya Vander went viral for her stunned facial expression during a segment about Chrishell Stause’s new partner, G Flip, on the season 5 reunion, the Selling Sunset stars are poking fun at the reaction.

The 40-year-old former soap star shared a Mother’s Day meme with the 40-year-old Miami resident’s confused face from the reunion, writing, “Me realizing how many people didn’t know you can adopt children on your own.”

“Happy Mother’s Day to ALL of the mothers that are with us and to those that no longer are absolutely no matter how you got there. 💯,” Stause wrote alongside the photo on Sunday, May 8, via Instagram. “@themayavander is a supportive beautiful mom and we laughed about this before posting. I know a lot of you are confused. But what is important is that I am not.”

She added: “Thank you to the beautiful open minds that have shown support. I want to hug you♥️.”

In the comments section, Vander said she wants to use the now-infamous image too, writing, “😂😂 I’m next one using this but with real estate jokes.”

Stause informed her castmates — and the audience — at the Friday, May 6, reunion that she moved on with the nonbinary musician, 27, following her split from Jason Oppenheim in late 2021.

“I think I was probably as surprised as anyone. Nothing’s really changed for me, I’m still very attracted to masculine energy and a good human,” Stause explained, noting she met G Flip on the set of their upcoming music video. “I heard people talk about these things and they’re like, ‘I knew from a young age.’ That’s not me. I’m just, I’m very open to good energy. I don’t know what my future holds. … I know being in this position, we get judged constantly, but at the end of the day, I’m so happy.”

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The Under Construction author also took to the comments on Sunday to fire back at a user who claimed it was “confusing” for fans because Stause and Oppenheim ended their relationship because he didn’t want to have children.

“You broke up w a guy because he wouldn’t have kids and are in a relationship so soon after losing someone who loved you very much,” the viewer wrote. “You can’t adapt and be with Jason? You can’t adapt and be alone? No one cares who you love, it’s that it seems hypocritical and disrespectful to someone who was trying their hardest FOR you.”

Stause responded, “Just bc Jason is not ‘dating’ someone, does not mean he is not fully enjoying the rights of a single man. As he should. We both want each other to be happy.”