Britney Spears has made a heartfelt statement that it might be a little while before suckers see new Instagram vids or gestation updates from her. The pop has star blazoned that she’s taking a step back from social media.

“ I ’m going on a social media recess for just a little while!!!” Britney Spears wrote on her Instagram on Sunday.

“ I shoot my love and God bless you all,” as I have some time with my fiance Sam, Spears Says.

Along with the news of her break from social media, the pop star posted a silly videotape of a baby lounging coming to a mini vanity set, wearing a mask, sunglasses and hair breakers.

On April 11, Spears blazoned she’s awaiting a child with fiancé Sam Asghari.

“ I obviously will not be going out as much due to the paps getting their plutocrat shot of me like they unfortunately formerly have,” she noted at the time.

It is Officially a Break!

She also made clearer about her former experience with perinatal depression — “ I’ve to say it’s absolutely horrible … women did n’t talk about it back also,” she wrote — and said she ’d be doing yoga daily during this gestation.

Spears has two sons, 16- time-old Sean and 15- time-old Jaden, whom she shares withex-husband Kevin Federline.

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The baby we will be having will be Asghari’s first child.