The “Ted Lasso” actor appeared with some familiar, furry friends to bake and talk about the Word of the Day. “Today’s word begins with the letter F,” Tamir says in a video published by Entertainment Weekly. “Oh, I love the letter F,” Goldstein responds. Fans of “Ted Lasso” are familiar with his character Roy Kent, who has a foul mouth. But Tamir clears the air when he says, “Today’s word is… fairness!” “Fairness is when each of us gets what we need,” Goldstein replies. Cookie Monster pops in to announce he needs cookies. The talk soon turns to soccer, with Tamir telling Goldstein, “When we play soccer later, we can make sure everyone gets a turn and invite others to play with us.” “That’s right, we can be fair by inviting everyone to play soccer. But first, we need to clean up,” says Goldstein. Goldstein thanks Cookie Monster for helping clean up, then the two get into an argument about who is the better soccer player. When Cookie Monster kicks a sponge into Goldstein’s head, he says, “Alright, fair enough, you’re the captain.” Goldstein’s “Sesame Street” episode will air during the show’s upcoming season on HBO Max, which like CNN is part of Warner Bros. Discovery. M Faizan Riasat April 15, 2022