Shiny nail designs with glitter are always eye-catching. Are you the type of girl who is interested in trying different styles when it comes to your nail design? You came to the right place. Here we listed different styles to design your nails with glitter.

1. Nail designs with Glitter: White and gold glitter with a little pink tone

This is not too bold or too shiny but, a just-right blend of shades to form an even tone coating on the nails. In this design, Flesh tone pink is the base coat for all nails. Then coat alternate fingers with shiny silver glitter and also gold glitter. This design makes you shine in the crowd when lifting your champagne glass.

2. Pure White Glitter Nails:

This resembles a pure aesthetic white shiny look on your nails. This design is quite simple with a blend of white gold glitter coated three times. Better suited for long nails and can also be carried out on short nails. This design is simple and can be finished within 10 mins. This design is perfect for shiny outfits.

3. Nude Pink Glitter Nails:

This design is a mixture of flesh pink tones with white silver glitter. In this design base coat is flesh tone pink polish. After it is dried tips of the nails are coated with white silver glitter which fades off from the start of the tip of the nail to the end of the nail. Only tips are painted with glitter. This design is better if artificial long tip nails are added. Perfectly suited for shiny pink-toned outfits.

4. Faded Acid Pink Glitter Nails:

This design gives you acid-washed off the effect with a bright pink shade. The basecoat for this design is bright pink coated with shiny colorless glitter gel on top. This modern design takes you back to the 80s with the neon effect. Perfectly suited for vibrant toned outfits.

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5. Smooth Pink Polish with Glitter Accent:

This design is quite simple to make and also simple looking. The base coat for this design is smooth tone baby pink. On top of that shiny silver glitter is coated for alternate nails for a subtle look. This design is so cute to look at. Suites all light-colored outfits.

6. Subtle Beige to Pink Glitter Texture:

In this design, the micro glitter which only shines but isn’t visible to the naked eye is mixed up with the light pink shade. The thick silver glitter shade starts at the beginning of the nail and fades off as it reaches the tip of the nail. This design reflects the art of work and subtle design used.

It has been the dream of every lady to have glitters on their nail and having such a dream, EveryDay Stunner has brought it to reality, keep on Stunning on your new nails. Ciao.

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