Benefits of facial steamer

Facial steamer

One of the benefits of a facial steamer is that it provides an easier way to cleanse the facial skin to improve its wellness. It is a skin care routine in which your face gets to absorb steam coming from a hot bowl of water in order to moisten and cleanse your skin.

Facial steamer has become more, more convenient in that you can buy your own facial steamer affordable price for personal use at home.

Here Are 5 Benefits Of Facial Steamer

1. It cleanses the face

As dermatologist Suzanne Friedler notes, ‘Facial steamers are devices that heat a tank of water into a steam mist that is then directed toward the face. They are used to clean and hydrate the skin and ‘open’ pores’.

Steaming your face helps open up your pores and rid your skin of dirt.
One advantage of opening up your pores is that it softens blackheads and therefore makes removing them easier.

2. It hydrates dry skin

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Dry skin most of the time appears unattractive, dull, and fatigued. Facial steamer helps moisten the skin, eliminating dryness and improving the litheness of the skin through the production of natural oils that help skin moisturizing. It should be noted that the frequent use of facial steamer may lead to the skin drying out. Hadley King, a dermatologist in the US, says, ‘… about once a week for five to 10 minutes is a great cadence for most skin types’.

Facial steamer

3. It facilitates relaxation

In addition to improving dry skin, facial steaming feels relaxing and is therapeutical, helping you feel relaxed and refresh simultaneously.

4. It improves blood circulation

Due to the heat from the steamer, the blood vessels in your facial skin can improve when you face steam. This also leads to clear complexion and beautiful skin. Furthermore, facial steaming directs the flow of blood towards the skin to boost collagen production, which makes the skin appear spotless.

5. It prevents aging

Steaming your face can make you look way younger than your age. The face often shows wrinkles because of skin’s exposure to chemicals. However, steaming your face once a week, like dermatologist Hadley King advised, can help your face restore its moisture, and help it become firmer.

In addition to the benefits listed above, face steamer is affordable; that is, you needn’t break the bank to get face steam treatment at a saloon or spa since you can enjoy all the benefits of face steam at home without much expenditure. Moreso, doing it at home is more convenient than going to the saloon.

How To Use Facial Steamer

1. Cleanse your face

First of all, you will cleanse your face by using a cleanser to wash off any dirt or oils on your facial skin.

2. Exfoliate your skin

Second, remove dead skin cells from your face and make sure it’s clean by exfoliating. You should use a gentle face scrub and not rub your face harshly.

3. Fill the water tank of your steamer

Facial steamers come with a water tank. So, fill up the water tank of your steamer with purified water. Do not use any water! Lukewarm distilled water is highly recommended.

4. Steam your face

After filling up your steamer’s water tank, place it in your steamer and turn on the steamer so that the water can heat up. Next, let the steam fall over your face. You can also adjust the temperature all you like.

5. Use facial mask

This is optional. You may want to apply a facial mask for best results. But remember to use one that has a soothing formula, like one that contains seaweed and three pure clays. When removing the mask, use a face serum that suits your skin.

6. Moisture your face

Finally, apply your favorite hydrating moisturizer to your face. Of note, if you’re steaming your face at night, you should consider using a night cream.

Who Should Not Use A Facial steamer?

People who have sensitive skin should steam less or not steam at all. According to dermatologists, the heat expands blood vessels, which can affect the skin by causing it too much redness.