Physically Attractive! You must have overheard this compliment. Ever thought about what this compliment exactly meant and what compels people to compliment you and adore you. The very first thing you will notice when browsing through profiles on a mobile website is the person’s photo.

If they appear attractive to you at a first quick look, you may investigate their profile further and start deciding whether you want to connect with them; nevertheless, if their picture does not titillate your attention in that couple of seconds, you will most likely move on to another one.

Physical attractiveness reflects the fact that humans have personal tastes for other people’s physical appearances, especially their facial features and hourglass shapes. Some of these choices appear to be derived unreasonably from ever-changing societal traditions, while others appear to be innate.

When you see someone for the first time, physical attraction is often immediate, and it can make a significant contribution to feelings of joy, increased energy, and a desire for a physical relationship. The immediate physical attraction and subsequent emotional experience are factors that contribute to what is known as “love at first sight.”

In this article, I will delve into some of the factors that help you to become more physically attractive, as well as the evidence of physical attraction and it’s significance in relationships.

How to be More Physically Attractive

The preference for youth can be found in both men’s and women’s perceptions, but it is marginally better in women’s conceptions. This is because, while we prefer youngsters’ faces for men, we also tend to favor stereotypically masculine faces, those with low, broad jaws and defined bone protrusions and cheekbone, and these men tend to look slightly older.

We may like baby-faced people because they notify us of babies, or they may react positively to us because we respond positively to them.

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Improve your Facial Features

Facial features and symmetrical features are the most critical elements of physical attractiveness, according to a study. Some people have more attractive faces than others and most people are more drawn to faces that are more symmetrical than those that are less symmetrical.

According to Space Coast Daily, here is 5 ways you can improve your physical features.

Simple Ways to Improve Your Physical Appearance

  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Hide your flaws.
  • Eat healthily.
  • Smile.

This may be consistent with the belief that people with symmetrical faces are healthier and thus make better reproductive partners, as well as the fact that symmetrical faces appear more familiar and thus less intimidating to us.

The appeal of uniformity is not confined to facial perception. Body symmetry is also a sign of good genes, and women prefer more geometric men as sexual partners. So as a matter of fact facial appearance and features matter a lot in physical attraction. This contributes immensely in being Physically Attractive.

Your Physical Dimensions Matter

Aside from facial features, research studies show that other anthropometric factors such as dimensions and ratios play a role in attractiveness as well. Several research has suggested that the ideal body for women is curvaceous, with a curvy stomach area as well as a curvaceous upper body.

We were able to gather information from Friendship Haven on how to improve your physical dimensions as well.

Ways to Improve your Physical Wellness

  • Exercise three times a week, 20-30 minutes per session.
  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, and walk whenever possible.
  • Get consistent and adequate sleep.
  • Learn to recognize early signs of illness.
  • Listen to your body.

An alternative explanation contends that body composition fat is the most important predictor of female attractiveness. The effective fat distribution for fertility rates is thought to correspond to a curvaceous body.

This means that women with hourglass figures are more physically appealing. So there are valid reasons why both of these characteristics may influence attractiveness judgments. So yes, for women body shapes matter a lot. Their body shape plays important role in case of physical attractiveness and this contributes in being Physically Attractive.

Mind your Facial Expressions

According to a study, facial expressions are a critical feature of physical attractiveness because the face is the most important aspect of social interaction.  Smiling, for example, signals intellectual capacity and believability while also increasing attractiveness, according to the study.

You can recall from EveryDay Stunner’s article on how to remain an EveryDay Stunner.

How to be an EveryDay Stunner.

  • Be an Opinionative Person
  • Always be Ready to Take Challenges
  • Continue being Productive
  • Never Miss Any Opportunity
  • You should be Well Disciplined
  • Be a Pragmatist
  • Let your Motivation come From Within

Facial expressions are important in human connections because they convey emotional information and shape the social attitudes of an individual related to personality traits.

Smiling boosts social attractiveness and is regarded as a sign of believability and intelligence.

Despite the overwhelming amount of information on the social significance of a beautiful smile, little is known about the relationship between smile attributes and identity smile attractiveness.

That is why we say that a smiling face is always way more attractive than any other face.This contributes in being Physically Attractive

Keep your Non-visual Body Language Cool

According to a study, non-visual cues like voice and smell, and taste also result in physical attractiveness. Attractiveness is an important aspect of nonverbal signals in humans, and it has been studied extensively in various areas of modern psychology.

Researchers have accumulated captivating evidence in support of physical attractiveness’ developmental functions and role in our daily lives, while largely ignoring the meaningful impact of non-visual techniques and their relationships.

Individuals’ apparent attractiveness, as well as their words and behaviors toward that person, can be strongly influenced by acoustic and sensory cues alone or in combination.

Have you ever noticed we get easily attracted to someone’s voice, the way they laugh, sit or dress? Even by the smell of their perfume, we get physically attracted to them.

This contributes in being Physically Attractive

Physical Attraction Signs

According to Research, physical attraction is marked by physiological changes in the body, such as the release of the substance’s dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain.

The attraction also provokes the brain’s prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for processing sensory rewards. Emotional and behavioral changes can be triggered by these physiological responses.

According to studies, the following are some Physical Attraction Signs:

  • When around the person, smiling
  • Keeping extended eye contact with them
  • Feeling apprehensive about interacting with them
  • Mimicking their body movements, gestures, speech, and postures unconsciously
  • Sleeping problems and a lack of appetite
  • Feeling shaky, ecstatic, and energized

Physical attractiveness may act as an intermediary, leading us to relationships that are healthy, mature, and capable of reproducing. Physical attractiveness tends to dominate real-life looking for love and mating decisions, according to research: we choose to pursue relationships with those who are attractive to us.

Physical attractiveness may be so crucial to us because we relate it with other positive characteristics. So yes being Physically Attractive is very important.

Attractive individuals, for example, are predicted to be happier and have more beneficial life experiences than those who are not. This pass tendency to associate attractiveness with admirable characteristics exists. So that is why being physically attractive is been so important for people around.

However, in my opinion, Regardless of our own or our partner’s extent of attractiveness, our interest grows and intensifies as we learn more about, like, and respect each other. Physical attractiveness becomes less important as we get to know each other, making it less important to start and build long-term relationships.

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