When is the best time to change your hairstyle?

Many young women have been in the loop trying to find out the most suitable time to change their hairdo with another great style but just end up not getting it right, after we published a post on the best shampoo for hair extensions, we interviewed three hairstylists who are an expert in the hair industry and they revealed to EveryDay Stunner the best time for you to change that hairstyle.

There are so many reasons why one needs to change their hairstyle some of which include prevention of hair loss or what we call alopecia where you generally lose some serious hair from your body but this time from your head, every lady wants to have her hair as long as possible as they believe is where the beauty lies even though other women find joy in carrying a low haircut.

When should you change your hairstyle?

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After we interviewed two experts who spoke extensively on the subject we were able to get some crucial factors that determine the optimal time for anyone to change their hairstyles.

1st Interview with Melissa Gilbert

The first hairstylist that we spoke with is Melissa Gilbert, she is an aesthetician and a hair expert at Fantastic Services, and here is what she said about the best time for you to change your hairstyle.

According to Melissa, the best time to change your hairstyle is simple: when you start to feel like you need a change just like when you come across an enticing hairstyle and you begin to wish you had it, the chances are that you probably can.

However, you have to factor in your hair type, commitment level to getting haircuts, if it’s going to be something that’s going to be accepted at your job, etc. just ask yourself all these questions because all it comes down to is you.

She also added that it is very important that you listen to your hairstylist and give them the freedom to make suggestions and her reason is that they can work with your unique features and guide you to attain all the beauty you imagined. Most importantly of all: don’t worry about what other people will say and just think if you’ll feel better about yourself with your new hairstyle.

In conclusion, Melissa Gilbert added that If you’ve had the same hairstyle for years and you’re happy with how you look, go on with your life because you don’t need a change, However, getting a new look requires that you put your trust in the hands of another person, so you’ll want to find a good stylist. Ask friends, co-workers, or family members for recommendations.

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Following the end of the interview with Melissa Gilbert of Fantastic Services we were able to understand the importance of knowing when to change your hairstyle and when not to because it all boils down to our interests, one can decide to use a single hairstyle for some months, or even years as long as they feel very confident wearing that particular style.

2nd Interview with Yovanka Loria

We went ahead to interview Yovanka Loria, the Founder & Creative Director of Yovanka Loria Salon and  Yovanka Loria Extensions, a line of high-end, luxury hand-tied hair extensions.

Yovanka Loria the second hairstylist that we interviewed on this subject gave us a good hint on the best time for you to change your hairstyle and we are well educated on this subject since two experts spoke extensively on them, below is what she deduced from the subject.

She started by saying that having a hairstyle change is as simple as YOU wanting to feel better about yourself, and can happen whenever you want. Change of seasons, milestone birthdays (or any birthday!), or just because you feel like it!

The best time to have a hairstyle change is when you feel like you want it… Yovanka Loria

There has been an increased focus on self-care, and for us, especially as hair extensions specialists, the impact we see daily is incredible. It’s all about creating a hair routine that suits your taste and lifestyle – getting ready with hair you love, feels like a fun activity rather than a dreaded chore.

Hair extensions used to be considered high maintenance. Fun fact, they are low-maintenance because you don’t have to worry about your hair as much. Your styles can last so much longer and your wash days are further away!

You will be amazed how the quality and process have improved to create the most natural look; realistic extensions don’t have to be overkill. But don’t try to cut costs on this if you want quality hair and good results. 

3rd Interview with Rumbie Mutsiwa

Founder & Creative Director – Rumbie & Co. Rumbie Mutsiwa

The third hairstylist that we interviewed to speak on the best time to change your hairstyle is the Founder & Creative Director – Rumbie & Co. Rumbie Mutsiwa, according to Rumbie the best time to have a hairstyle change is the time at which you realize you have been considering a change multiple times within a reasonably short timeframe. Moments when you are looking in the mirror and you consistently feel meh.

The best time to change your hairstyle is every 6 – 12 months… Rumbie Mutsiwa

That’s usually a sign that you’re ready for change. However, she added that you do not change hairstyles after any significant event particularly if you’re feeling highly emotionally charged especially after a break-up, death of a loved one, losing a business deal, etc. You will often regret those changes.

In summary, Rumbie is suggesting that the best time to change your hairstyle is every 6 – 12 months and she is not just saying it but she encourages always a change/ hair goal (small or big) for her clients to keep things fresh. We are not the same people year in and year out so why should our hair be the same? she ended with.

Some Signs that show you are ready for a change

  1. Your hair takes too much time and effort to style
  2. Your hair just won’t hold hair color
  3. Your hair is showing signs of wear and tear
  4. Your hair is starting to thin out

What to do when you want to change your hairstyle

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As regards this topic, when you have finally made up your mind that you are ready for a new hairstyle then there are things that you ought to do in other to change your hairstyle successfully and also be happy with the new hair that you made.

  1. Figure out the new Hairstyle
  2. Visit the Hair Saloon
  3. Buy your Hair Extension
  4. Look at the mirror!

If you are ready to change your hairstyle you should start by figuring out what new style you want to make, after taking the decision then you will need to visit a hair saloon or buy hair extensions and put them on and then fix your gaze on the mirror in the saloon and ask yourself is this really what I want?

Once you get the answer to that question, your next action would be determined already and it will be between leaving the saloon very happy or unsatisfied because some hairstyles when changed cannot be retrieved just immediately.

Benefits of Changing your Hairstyle

Finally, after you must have been convinced in your mind that you are due for a new hairstyle, you will be forced naturally to ask about the gains in changing your hairstyle. I know that you are wondering right now if there are even any advantages to changing your hairstyle, well there are many of them and I will mention them to you right now.

  1. You will wear a new look
  2. Your hair scents better
  3. You will appear neat
  4. Uniformity
  5. Happiness

New Look: When you have changed your hairstyle you must have looked in the mirror and found out that you looked different than you did right before the new hairstyle, changing your hairstyle creates an opportunity for you to appear in a new and fashionable look anytime you want.

Pleasant Hair Scent: For most ladies who sweat on their heads you will have noticed a foul odor that comes from your hair after you have carried the hair for some time, when you change to a new hairstyle then you will have a new scent that is, even more, attracting and appealing.

Neat and Presentable Appearance: One of the incredible benefits you stand to gain from wearing a new hairstyle is that you will look presentable and neat at the same time, no one wears one particular hairstyle for decades and hope that they still looked neat.

Uniformity: Most of the time due to our workplace or personal occasions that we have to attend we will be required to change our hairstyle to a particular style to maintain uniformity all throughout the occasion.

Happiness: I don’t know about you, but personally there is this joy that comes when you have new stuff on your it could be clothes or items I naturally feel very happy when I change my hairstyle and I believe you will as well.

There are other numerous benefits of changing your hairstyle and deep down within you can easily tell, you can as well share the article and add the extra benefits that I didn’t mention so your friends can also be educated.

Conclusion | Time to change your hairstyle

In conclusion, we all can agree that the best time for anyone to change their hairstyle is just when they feel like it is the right time, from what Melissa Gilbert and Yovanka Loria said on this topic we can all come to terms with the fact that changing your hairstyle to a new one is all about your personal choice so when next that tiny voice tells you that your hair is due for changing, you should pay attention to it.

You can always share this article so that everyone searching for the best time to change their hairstyle will easily find them in their inbox, cheers!