If you want to learn how to do your own box braids, then you can find boxes in most drugstores for a good price. With a little bit of work and practice, you can find the perfect box braids for beginners that will look great on your natural hair.

You can purchase box braids from salons or online with a mixture of water and cornstarch. The basic process is to wrap your natural hair in a plastic bag, tie it off and add water. Then, do it as many times as necessary until your hair begins to grow out its natural curl pattern. Once it does, then you can move on to other styling tips.

There are several styles of box braids for beginners, but there is one that is probably the easiest to do. This type of style takes all of the different parts of your head and turns them into one single piece. For the best results, start with two sections of hair.

Procedures to begin your own box braids

First, separate your natural hair from your head. The easiest way to do this is by starting with your right side, then moving on to your left. If your natural hair is thinning or if you don’t want to deal with split ends, you can even make your box braids longer than necessary. But, be careful to keep your length consistent, otherwise, it may cause your braids to look disorganized.

Next, you should start wrapping your braids. Use as many sections of hair as possible. You can use a variety of different colors, as well. When making a long braiding, use more sections to create a layered effect. For an edgier look, use black. If you are going for a more punk look, use different colors, such as red and white.

When you reach the end of the curly section, use a straight line to start wrapping. Straighten your line once you are sure it’s straight and pull it taut. The key is to keep your lines looking straight and to avoid your braids falling off. Finally, when you are finished, you can pull the ends taut and add more hair. to finish up with a neat, tidy style. You can learn how to do your own box braids for beginners by finding videos on the Internet or in your local salon.

If you feel uncomfortable doing these steps yourself, you might want to consider using a professional hair stylist to help you learn how to do your own box braids for beginners. A hair stylist will be able to make the process easier for you, because they have all of the knowledge you need to create a great looking hairstyle.


While it’s not easy to try and do your own hairstyles, you may find it easier to try out this new hairstyle. and then decide that you’d like to keep it when you’ve finally mastered the art of adding new hair to your hair.

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